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West Chester, PA 19382

Calvary is committed to keeping our children safe...

Aligning with PA laws, all volunteers and staff are required to complete a six-part Safe Church Training. This is a self-initiated training, which includes reading our most current Safe Church Policy, agreeing to abide by the Safe Church Policy, taking a short comprehension test, and completing three background checks through the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. 

 We understand this may feel like a lot of hoops to jump through, but we believe the reasons behind them warrant our cooperation and support. We hope these steps will not dissuade you from volunteering for our wonderful programs. God’s work takes all our hands, and we hope you will continue to give of your time and support to our ministries as we
Give Glory to God and Share Christ’s Love while keeping our children safe! 

Follow the links for each step below. 

If you have questions about this process or need any assistance, contact Charlene Hagerty.