Obtain Fingerprinting from IdentoGo Services.

If you have NOT lived in Pennsylvania for the last 10 consecutive years:

a.  Go to this link to register for fingerprinting online: https://uenroll.identogo.com. Enter the appropriate Service Code:

           i.     Volunteers use code 1KG6ZJ

           ii.    Employees use code 1KG756

           iii.   Child Care Employees (Preschool) use code 1KG738

b.  Complete the rest of the required fields and register for a fingerprinting appointment.

c.  Go to an agency to obtain fingerprinting.

Currently fingerprinting must be paid for at the site via credit card or money order. Expected cost is about $25. If financial assistance is needed, please contact the Associate Pastor.

NOTE: If you have lived in Pennsylvania for the last 10 consecutive years, you are exempt from fingerprinting. However, you will need to print and sign an Affidavit of Criminal History stating your residency and that you are not disqualified to serve as a volunteer due to a conviction or placement on a child abuse registry in another state. This document needs a witness signature (does not need to be a notary).

If you have completed this clearance for another organization, you can make a copy of that report and submit it to Calvary. Reports are valid for 60 months. If you believe you have already submitted a Fingerprinting report to Calvary, please verify with the Associate Pastor.