N.C.I.S. Leadership Retreat

This retreat will include:  - Team Building and Problem Solving  - Leadership teachings and activities  - A campfire   - An adventure course   - Boating/ kayaking  - SO MUCH MORE!! 

***NEW*** Online registration. To register your child: 

1. Complete the Registration Form below, and hit "SUBMIT TEL HAI REGISTRATION."
2. If you wish to pay online, you may do so using the "ADD TO CART" button at the bottom and following the instructions.  

WHERE: Tel Hai Retreat Center   - 31 Lasso Drive, Honey Brook, PA   - (610) 273-3969  

WHEN: May 13-15, 2018 (Tuesday is Election Day!) *Monday will be a missed day of school - letters for excused absences will be written and given by Nicolle* Meet at the church: Sunday at 7:45pm. We Return: Tuesday between 12pm-1pm  (parents will be called/texted on ride back)

WHO: Current High School youth (especially those who are interested in being leaders for NCIS summer 2018) 

"What to Bring" and "What NOT to Bring" are listed below the registration form on this page.
Contact Nicolle with any questions.

Registration is Due by May 6. Space is limited!

$70 per student. Scholarships available.

Registration Form

Youth Name *
Youth Name
Address *
Youth Phone *
Youth Phone
As a participant of the Calvary Lutheran Youth Event/Trip, I agree to: • Show respect for myself and all other participants of this event as well as the facility and property, • Participate in all parts of the event, • Not bring or use alcohol or other non-prescribed drugs, including tobacco products • Abide by transportation laws (i.e. wear a seat belt) • Not use offensive language • Not engage in sexual activity • Dress modestly and appropriately • No use of cell phones or electronic devices during large group or activities. May use during quiet time/free time/bedtime • Bring an open mind and positive attitude • HAVE FUN!!!
Parent/Legal Guardian Name *
Parent/Legal Guardian Name
Preferred Phone *
Preferred Phone
Driver Agreement. I am able to help as a driver, and:
(This is applicable only if you are willing to be a driver for the NCIS Leadership Retreat)
Emergency Contact *
Emergency Contact
At least one Emergency Contact is required
Emergency Contact Phone *
Emergency Contact Phone
Physician Name *
Physician Name
Physician Phone *
Physician Phone
All participants are required to submit photocopies or photographs of the front and back of active insurance cards. You may email copies to Nicolle using the link below.
Subscriber Name *
Subscriber Name
Insurance Phone Number *
Insurance Phone Number
Participation Permission and Liability Release Agreement *
I/We give my permission for the participant(s) named above to participate in the High School Leadership Retreat to Tel Hai May 13-15, 2018. I release Calvary Lutheran Church and Tel Hai from any and all liability to me or my child(ren) as a result of his/her participation. Also, I understand that Calvary Lutheran Church does not assume any responsibility for loss of, or damage to, personal property of the participant.
Medical Treatment Consent and Release *
I/We do hereby consent to any hospital, medical, or surgical care and treatment and the administration of anesthesia, determined by a qualified physician to be necessary for the welfare of my child(ren) while my child(ren) is under the care and custody of an adult leader of any activity sponsored by Calvary Lutheran Church of West Chester, Pennsylvania, in the event I can not reasonably be contacted for consent. I understand that I am responsible for and agree to pay all costs and expenses incurred in connection with such medical and/or dental services rendered to my child pursuant to this authorization.
Image Release Agreement *
I/We grant Calvary Lutheran Church permission to use my child(ren)'s likeness, without names, as recorded while participating in activities sponsored by Calvary Lutheran Church of West Chester, Pennsylvania, in photographs, video recordings or electronic images, in any and all of its publications, including website and social media entries, without payment or any other consideration.
Transportation Consent *
I hereby give permission for my child to ride in any vehicle designated by the adult in whose care my child has been entrusted while attending and participating in activities sponsored by Calvary Lutheran Church of West Chester, Pennsylvania. I also understand that, should my child be sent home from an event or retreat for medical or disciplinary reasons, I will be responsible for making any transportation arrangements and paying for associated costs.
Help make this leadership retreat possible for another child. Simply add the number of sponsorships to your registration number and indicate "Sponsorship" using the payment method you choose.

***NOTE***  To register your child(ren), complete the Registration Form above, and hit "SUBMIT TEL HAI REGISTRATION."
After registering, you must ALSO submit images of the front and back of an active insurance card using the button below.

If you wish to pay online, you may do so using the "ADD TO CART" button below and following the instructions. 

Online Payment

H.S. Leadership Retreat at Tel Hai

We now accept online credit card or PayPal payment for registrations.

  • Indicate the number of children to be registered (Quantity)
  • Click "Add to Cart" button
  • Confirm the name(s) of registrants

Check or Cash Payments:
Make checks payable to "Calvary Lutheran Church." Put "Tel Hai" in memo line.
NOTE: Your child will not be registered until you complete and submit the registration form and payment is received.

Add To Cart

What to Bring:

• A Bible, notebook, and pen
• Appropriate clothes for fun & games that can get dirty
• A jacket or sweatshirt & Sneakers
• A reusable water bottle
• Toiletries and towel
• Sleeping bag and pillow (rooms are airconditioned)
• Sunglasses, bug spray, sunblock

What NOT to Bring:

• Anything valuable
• Clothes that don’t fit or can’t get dirty
• Drugs, alcohol, weapons or clothes that promote these things


Brief Definitions and Possible Signs of Child Abuse

If you are able to drive, you must read these definitions and indicators:

Neglect - Child neglect is defined as omission of the child’s basic needs – physical, environmental, emotional, and nutritional – that are necessary for a child’s physical and emotional well-being.

Possible Signs of Neglect:

  1. Failure to thrive
  2. Inappropriate dress for climate
  3. Stealing of food
  4. Depression
  5. Untreated medical conditions
  6. Poor hygiene

Emotional Abuse – Emotional abuse is abuse in which a person exposes a child to spoken and/or unspoken violence or emotional cruelty. Emotional abuse sends a message to the child of worthlessness, inadequacy, and being not only unloved but undeserving of love and care.

Possible Signs of Emotional Abuse:

  1. Withdrawal behavior
  2. Failure to thrive
  3. Threats of or attempts of suicide
  4. Extreme attempts to seek adult behavior
  5. Extreme passive/aggressive behavior patterns

Physical Abuse  - Physical abuse is abuse in which a person deliberately and intentionally causes bodily harm to a child. Examples may include violent battery with a weapon (knife, belt, strap, or other), burning, shaking, kicking, choking, and any of a wide variety of non-accidental injuries to a child’s body.  

Possible Signs of Physical Abuse:

  1. Hostile and aggressive behavior toward others
  2. Fearfulness of parents and/or other adults
  3. Destructive behavior toward self, others, and property
  4. Inexplicable physical injuries, repetitious injuries

Sexual Abuse – Sexual abuse is abuse involving sexual contact between a child and an adult, or between a young child and a significantly older child. Also included is verbal abuse of a sexual nature and exposing the child to pornography.

Possible Signs of Sexual Abuse:

  1. Unusually advanced sexual knowledge and/or behavior for child’s age and development
  2. Sexually reactive behavior
  3. Clingy behaviors -won’t separate from one adult to another
  4. Run away from home behavior
  5. Physical symptoms, such as headaches, stomachaches, fatigue
  6. Sexually transmitted diseases